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2010-05-05 04:21:23 by ghdude85

This happen each time i'm on school


Re: 2nd movie

2009-06-29 08:48:42 by ghdude85

i made some improvenmt on it, not much, but some.
now it's even the whole song, but the mouth is sometime fucked up because he sings to the music and not the vocal...
so in my next movie i will ad the mouth manually so it will be right =P

2nd movie

2009-06-29 06:54:28 by ghdude85

i made a new very short movie. this time to try out the lip-syncing.
it's a movie where a goomba is singing Crazy Train =P not much, but it's a start xD

first movie

2009-06-28 03:40:47 by ghdude85

my very first 5 sec. short movie is done =P
but it is soemthign wrong with the camera position -.-
so i have to fix it...

Toon Boom Studio 4

2009-06-27 17:38:02 by ghdude85

ok. i post this here now =P
i got Toon Boom Studio 4 as a movie making program
as i write this, i'm trying it out and my first creation will be a sprite movie...
but i don't know who that will be starring in the movie yet xD
you'll see a creation from me very soon i think =P


2009-06-18 08:01:52 by ghdude85

i have used Newgrounds a lot watching cool movies, but now i wanna join in and try to make some movies myself.
when i am writing this, i am downloading Flash 8 just to try it out
i hope i will get the hang on making flash movies very fast =D